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January 1963

Heard at Open Meetings

In taking the Fifth Step with an understanding (and close-mouthed) friend, don't shilly-shally. Plunge right in, worst things first.

After you have gotten sober by the program and the people in the Fellowship, not coming to meetings is like trying to get something for nothing.

Just let the program grow in you. You can't make the corn come up faster by pulling on the stalks.

The program has given me Today. When I was drinking I never had Today. It was always last year or next month or some other time, never Today.

I never made a break with my church but AA has given me something I never had before--the companionship of God.

I used to call on God when I was in trouble. Now I thank Him when I'm not in trouble.

When an alcoholic finally sobers up and gets the program, his problem is no longer alcohol--his problem is living.

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