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July 1964

The Anecdote Bin

Dedicated to the lighter side of our common problem

IF YOU are the Delta type alcoholic, says Dr. Marvin A. Block, chairman of the AMA's Committee on Alcoholism and Narcotics, then you are a cowboys, a lumberjack or an advertising executive. The Delta type is described in the N. Y. Times as the guy who drinks steadily all day long. The most prevalent imbiber is the Gamma type, the compulsive drinker who has an actual physical dependence on the stuff. Other types include the Alpha, who drinks to bolster his courage; Beta, the he-man guzzler; and Epsilon, the binge boy. Dr. Block didn't say, but we suspect that a lot of AAs were several types rolled into one. And the Greek alphabet should certainly cover the Pi-eyed.

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