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July 1964

P. O. Box 1980

The hub

Last summer in a tiny, inaccessible, telephoneless Mexican town on the Pacific Coast I saw a very sick AA member wandering the streets, unable to stop drinking; unable, as far as I could see, to get help. Several days later I visited this same man, safe in a hospital room in Mexico City, well on his way to recovery.

A miracle? Yes, in a way--a miracle that is being repeated hundreds of times a year, all over the world, through the work of our General Service Office. For, you see, there was a loner in this small town and he had a World Directory. From it the right person in Mexico City was chosen to get a wire. Our patient was met at the airport, whisked to the waiting hospital bed and, in my opinion, a life was saved.

"There," said I to myself, "is where my contribution goes--to help a still suffering alcoholic no matter where he may be. Twelfth Step work on a large scale." I felt mighty glad all over.

And this is but one small part of the great task that faces our GSO; a task that grows larger every year. It is from this one source that all our literature comes--much of it now translated (or in the process of being translated) into foreign languages. Here is where the taped meetings are held in readiness for the small, young groups who need to be encouraged along the way. From GSO go the hundreds of letters to loners staying sober as far away as Ghana. In a word, this is the hub of our fellowship.

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