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July 1964

P. O. Box 1980

Don't be too sure!

First of all, I'm all shook up! Secondly, I'm sitting here wondering--wondering--wondering--WHO HID THE BOTTLE OF BRANDY IN OUR GARAGE ATTIC?! Yeah, no fooling! My son went out to clean that attic and came in with a pint bottle three-quarters full. Talk about the subtle insanity that precedes the first drink. I was kidding with an AA guest about the thing--I sat it up on the window sill and we were speculating. All of a sudden I felt the warmth in my stomach and the glow in my head that comes after the first few drinks. This after a few years of sober twenty-four hours.

I've heard many say, "I can walk into a bar any time" or "being around drink never bothers me." We can be too sure of our sobriety! It's all too easy to overlook that subtle insanity that, for no reason, can sneak up on us.

None of us can ever afford to cockily say a drink never bothers us. None of us ever know what moment that subtle insanity can rear its ugly head.

"Just don't drink." It isn't that simple. I'm powerless over alcohol but for the grace of God. It is truly He who is keeping me sober, it is not of my making or doing--it's His grace.