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July 1965

Alcoholics Prove to Be Fine Employees

At a meeting in Los Angeles, California, two authorities praised a non-drinking alcoholic's working efficiency.

Cecil Birtcher, president of the Birtcher Corporation, contended that alcoholics become the best and most successful workers. Birtcher said he is so convinced of the abilities of the non-drinking alcoholic that he hires them at all levels. "I employ alcoholics who no longer drink," he stated, "and these people become extraordinarily fine employees. I employ them because I consider it good business on my part, and good management. They are alert, ambitious, glowing human beings."

Dr. David Greiner of the UCLA School of Medicine, who is conducting a study in the field of alcoholism, said that indications so far bear out Birtcher's contention. "Although our study is only about a third complete, we are finding that what Mr. Birtcher said is proving out, time after time, with our subjects. Afterwards, industry has a much more efficient individual."

The discussion was held in an attempt to pinpoint society's proper responsibilities concerning the problems of alcoholism.

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