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July 1965

The Anecdote Bin

Dedicated to the lighter side of our common problem

MR. STRICTLY ANONYMOUS ("Because I don't want to get murdered," he explains), writes from Callahan, Texas, to speak his mind on a subject that's troubling us somewhat, too. Last year, he begins, when the Grapevine was crusading (his word) against vulgarity in talks at meetings, a new member asked an older member of his group: "Haven't you often felt like getting up and leaving when Old Foulmouth starts speaking? Honestly, now." Replied the older member: "Well--ah--yes. One time because of vulgarity and the other 85 times because of the smoke. We don't have too much of a problem with speakers; what we need is better ventilation."

Why Mr. Anonymous thought he'd be knocked off for expressing this view, we haven't the foggiest. Even though we ourselves add to the smog at meetings, we often wonder what a newcomer thinks of some of the murky dungeons he finds in AA. The Anecdote Bin is with old Strictly, of Callahan. Give us air!

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