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October 1965

Carrying the Message

Old-timers' get-togethers

I feel that old-timers' get-togethers on a regular basis, formed spontaneously and not as a substitute for conventional meetings, may be justified. Our own is more infused with group spirit and mutual helpfulness than ever, after eight years.

Right now, one of our members (who, incidentally, has been consistently active in regular meetings as well for many years) is in a hospital after a bad slip. The attitude of those who come to my house is that of members of a closely knit family when one of its members is stricken.

My first reaction was that somehow we had failed him. My second reaction is that, instead of wasting time reproaching ourselves, it would be somewhat more desirable to get busy and help him.

Now here is my point: in a case like this I believe help from someone of his own vintage is likely to be more effective than from a newcomer. In any case, he's getting encouragement actively from both sources.

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