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February 1968

Carrying the Message

And H is for Hoorah!

In 1964 I had reached my own private personal hell. It was kitchen skid row. Four years previously, my priest had suggested that I go to Alcoholics Anonymous at once. Instead of blackouts, I was having cry-outs, and I reeked of liquor.

I hadn't had the DT's, but there were plenty of D's in my life: Disgust, Dejection, Depression, Disillusionment, Discouragement, and Drowning in self-pity--not to mention the fact that I was full of Despair and Devoid of hope.

The T's were there also: Tenacity (to get hold of that next bottle), Turmoil, Tension, Tremors, and Tumult--not to mention Toxic poisoning of my mind, body, and soul.

Thank God, I called AA! Since my first closed meeting, I have not taken that first drink. Now my life has some important S's in it: Sobriety, Sincerity, and Serenity.