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September 1968

Eleventh Tradition: Brake on Us Power Drivers?

OUR BOOK Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions reminds us of the reason for the origin of Tradition Eleven: to discourage the power-driver, the status-seeker. No one knows this better than I do, having achieved a position of some stature in my part of the country. During my drinking days, my ego combined with alcohol placed me squarely in the middle of skid row. There, thank God, I received some ego-deflation at depth. I saw for myself what "self-will run riot" could do. By the grace of God and the principles in our Twelve Steps, I have been able to rise to a position of dignity and service to my fellowman, both in the Fellowship and outside it. The Tradition of anonymity has safeguarded me from feeling that this AA outfit could not operate without me. Maybe we could call it humility or self-knowledge based on truth.


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