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October 1972

Carrying the Message

Unconditional love

After my initial contact with AA, I stayed sober for eight months--grudgingly, I realize now. Then I decided that I was too young to be an alcoholic, life was too short to go without booze, etc., and began to drink again. But AA had ruined my drinking even after this brief exposure. It just was not much fun any more (not that it had been for quite some time). I was on the fence. Going back to my AA friends and admitting that they were right and I was wrong was more than I could bear. I was out to prove to them that I could drink successfully!

About the time that I was deciding instead to try staying sober on my own, Lucky came into my life. A few weeks before, my neighbor had asked me if I would like to have a kitten. I had said yes, but when Lucky came to me, I had forgotten about my promise. Here was this little black ball of fuzz, no bigger than a minute and scared to death. Well, I thought, now I have something that I have to care for and something that I can love. Strangely enough, this was the impetus that brought me back to AA. I knew that I could not take proper care of that little kitten if I was drunk all the time.

Often, I feel that Lucky has kept me on an even keel when I have been in trying situations. Just think of the advantages of loving animals: They love you unconditionally; they don't tell you what your character defects are; they love you whether you are old, young, fat, skinny, ugly, or beautiful--if you just spend a little time with them and show them that you love them. I know that Lucky senses when I am disturbed about something. He will crawl upon my lap and love me in his sweet way. Somehow, by that action of his, I know that God is watching over me, too, and that all will be well.

Lucky will be five years old in September, and I will be five years sober in December (Lord willing). I know that Lucky will probably pass away before I do, but I intend to replace him with another cat as soon as that happens, although I do not believe any animal will ever replace my little black good-luck piece!

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