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May 1973


Around the Tables

AROUND THE TABLES, the wonderments of AA spill forth, only to be surpassed by more wonderments. This morning, when I was thinking of what I owe to each of you, I realized that words fail to express the abiding gratitude I have to you. Prayers of others led me to AA, which led me to God, who led me right back to AA, which led back to prayers. Only you, each of you, by attempting to find your own solution, could have done it for me. If some of you hadn't, who would have been there to help me? Those of you whose last drink was after my last drink have helped me by letting me help you. Those of you who are just arriving are helping me in a way that is not clear to you yet. But it will be when you understand, as I do now, how much I helped those awaiting me when I appeared.


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