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April 1976

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

Another Coverup?

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Alcoholism is as prevalent among middle-class, suburban pregnant women as it is among their poor, inner-city sisters, [according to] Dr. Henry L. Rosett of Boston University. He said the incidence at Boston City Hospital (poor and urban) is 7%, the same as it turned out to be in a study at Overlook Hospital, in Summit, N.J. (middle-class and surburban).

The Overlook study is important, Dr. Rosett said, both for the results, and for the fact of its having been done, since there continues to be resistance to rigorous investigation--for clinical or research purposes--into the drinking histories of middle-class, private patients. The obstetricians do not want to ask their patients, he said. And most hospitals are not interested in finding out, either.

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