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April 1976

PO Box 1980

A study in efficiency

I found a book on personal time management, and I think its suggestions would prove valuable to anyone but me.

I began, as suggested, to set lifetime goals for myself. My choices: health and happiness. To insure that I was always using my time to achieve these objectives, it was further suggested that I always ask myself: "What is the most effective use of my time right now?"

I set to thinking about what I could do at that moment to insure my health and happiness. Maybe I should use any spare time to do pushups. Then again, there were some letters and checks I had to get out to creditors. If I didn't, I wouldn't be very happy after the first of the month. Or maybe I should. . .

My brain had become almost entirely cluttered with this trivia when the thought struck me: I can most efficiently use my time right now by not drinking! Here I was, ignoring my alcoholism by mixing up my priorities. My number one lifetime goal is sobriety--a day at a time. This is something I haven't really been in control of since I turned my drinking problem over to my Higher Power.

By drinking too much too long, I lost control of my life; but every day that I'm sober, time is on my side.

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