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April 1976

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Grateful to old-timers

Being less than forty years of age and attending several young people's groups and conventions, I sometimes cringe at some of the remarks made about old-timers. Old-timers gave me hope when my sponsor, sober twenty-one years at the time, postponed an out-of-town trip and came to my rescue and took me to my first AA meeting.

Now, trying to learn to listen to old-timers, I can get still more hope for myself and others to come, because I realize that these people have lived what they are sharing with me. As I stay sober one day at a time and try to deal with my daily tasks, I realize even more that I should try to grasp every bit of wisdom they offer me. Thus far, at different times, I have had to use everything they have given me in order to try to be a little more honest and comfortable with myself.

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