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April 1976

PO Box 1980

Stop searching!

I have seen AA in most parts of the world, and one disturbing fact greets me everywhere: We search for serenity--and don't find it!

As I see it, there is no way to search out serenity, any more than there is a way to search out sobriety. Both are offered freely when, in desperation, we stop searching. Bill was very clear about it: Searching is "self-will run riot" (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 62). Powerlessness must replace searching. Even the slightest attempt at searching changes powerlessness into destructive powerfulness, and serenity vanishes. When will we learn, once and for all, that the perception of serenity occurs instantly when we touch and embrace the powerlessness of "the bottom"? The clean, fresh air of life exists there, and there only!

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