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April 1976

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Using the Grapevine

Last night, a group in another county asked me to speak and lead their meeting. I read "Magic Without Tricks," from the January Grapevine, and used it for the topic of discussion. We had a great session.

They had just received their supply of January Grapevines and also had several December issues left over. I left the copy that I had brought with me lying on the table. The secretary came up to me as I was getting ready to leave and told me that he had sold every copy of the new issues, as well as the old ones. In fact, I discovered, they had even sold the copy that I had brought along.

So, if your Grapevines are not moving, try using them in your group discussions--and if they are moving, use them in your group discussions. Maybe you will get requests for more each month.

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