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December 1976

Po Box 1980

Credit where it's due

Could a correction please be made in regard to the squib about W. C. W.'s letter on page 44 of the August issue, with reference to World Hello international correspondence group?

The item incorrectly stated that World Hello was started by me. I would like credit given to its originator, Charlotte P., tucked away in the wilds of the Adirondacks with a creaky old typewriter.

Charlotte, like the rest of World Hello's charter members, was a Loner and a Loner Sponsor. As some thirteen of us fell into writing one another regularly and became something of a circle, Charlotte got the idea that it would be helpful to collect salient passages from our letters to her, for all of us to enjoy. So she proceeded to do it, with carbons that toward the bottom became pretty illegible as our "inner circle" expanded.

After a while, some AAs and Al-Anons in Utah, who had become interested in her efforts, offered to do the mimeographing and mailing, if someone would get the material together. Charlotte was by this time in poor health, and it fell to me at that time to put the meeting-by-mail together, and later, to mimeograph and mail it.

Thousands of us, through World Hello's twenty years of existence, owe at least a share of our sobriety to Charlotte P., and I don't want in any way to steal the honor that belongs to her. Charlotte died sober many years ago, but she remains in my memory for her understanding and help at a time when I greatly depended upon it.

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