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December 1976

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If AA dies. . .

Something from the Denver Convention was quoted to me: "If AA dies, it will be from the inside."

A year ago, this would have been heresy. I've been in Al-Anon about fifteen years. I've thanked God many times that there was an AA from which Al-Anon was born.

My dear husband had periods of sobriety in AA and finally, through the grace of God, attained almost fifteen years. He worked very hard in his group; he did Twelfth Step work, visited those in hospitals, made daily calls to those who were new in the program--and it all worked.

Well, he had a relapse, which, thank God, lasted only a few days. Two AA members brought him to a hospital. After a short stay, he again began his one-day-at-a-time, and recently celebrated his first anniversary.

So what's my point? Well, I can count on one hand the number of AA people who cared enough to visit the hospital, or make a phone call when he was again at home, or offer to take him to a meeting. There were many more "civilians" who called me and asked how he was and if there was anything they could do!

When I first came to Al-Anon, I went to many AA meetings. The old-fashioned AA that I learned then sure seems to be vanishing. Sad as it makes me, I agree, from having witnessed my husband's experience: If AA dies, it will die from within!

"I am responsible"?

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