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January 1976

PO Box 1980

Open letter to a physician

Dear Doctor: I have a strong desire to share with you "where I am today." This is sort of an inventory on paper, so that I may see my own growth.

Six weeks and four days ago, I wanted to die. Today, I am grateful for my beautiful gift of sobriety and life. The AA clichés have become my way of life: "Take it easy," "One day at a time," "Live in the now," "Let the other person win," "Hang in there," "Let go and let God."

I am also filled with love and gratitude toward you for laying the groundwork to enable me to surrender completely. If you have any patients who are suspected of having or admit to having my disease, I will be happy to share with them if you think I can help. If you or they choose, I am more than willing to visit hospitals or their homes or simply have contact by phone. Please don't hesitate to call me.

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