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July 1976

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Black Alcoholism

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The alcoholism problem among blacks in California is receiving special attention through the California Black Commission on Alcoholism. The commission, a private, nonprofit organization, recommends and coordinates policies and establishes goals regarding prevention and treatment of alcohol abuse and alcoholism among the state's more than 1,400,000 black residents. It is not a treatment agency.

Patricia A. Porter, executive director, said the commission has identified three major alcohol problems confronting the black community: (1) Blacks perceive blackness as contributing to their alcoholism; (2) black youth have easy access to alcohol; (3) there is a lack of funding for adequate services for blacks.

The commission has outlined certain priorities including placing special emphasis on prevention and education in the black community, giving special consideration in treatment to the problem of alcoholism as it relates to being black, and establishing black occupational alcoholism programs.

The commission is also conducting an attitudinal survey regarding black alcoholism and is preparing a statewide directory of alcoholism--agencies with services for black clients.

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