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July 1976

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A Loner, but not alone

I have been a Loner for some time, and some AA friends marvel at the fact that I can stay sober without AA. Well, the simple fact is that I can't. AA came with me to this outpost of the world. Leaving the meetings didn't mean I was leaving AA. A good example is the March Grapevine, which I just finished reading. A good many people were sending the message through that medium. I still have my Big Book to read, my Bible (I didn't have to leave God in Virginia because I moved), Twenty-Four Hours a Day, weekly tapes from one of the meetings in Virginia, letters, the Loners-Internationalists Meeting from GSO, and so on.

It seems to me that AA is where you are willing to find it. Of course, I miss having the meetings and the personal contacts instead of waiting for the mail. But AA is more than the personal contacts; it is a way of life that follows Twelve suggested Steps. If I don't lose sight of that fact, I will be a Loner only by the AA definition, but not alone in the AA program among the people who help me by long-distance communication.

Also, just because I am missing the basket for dues and fees, I can still help. Enclosed is a check to continue spreading the word.

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