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June 1976

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Diplomats' Occupational Ailment?

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The problem of alcoholism among U.S. employees who serve tours in embassies abroad, interspersed with periods of service at home, is numerically large. Counting only employees of State, AID [Agency for International Development], and USIA [U.S. Information Agency] and their dependents, the Foreign Service roster is about 60,000. Statistically, more than 6,000 of these people are in various stages of alcoholism, and the majority are scattered among the 266 embassies, posts, and consulates around the world.

The State Department, which has general supervisory control of all embassy personnel, recognized the basic problem officially in 1972 by establishing an Alcohol Abuse Program. The program is conducted along the lines developed by Alcoholics Anonymous.

All of the 266 embassies and posts have an alcohol and drug abuse coordinator. The coordinators call on regional medical officers when help is needed. The medical officers are being exposed to AA methods and practice, while State Department nurses attend alcoholic clinics to broaden their ability to recognize and help alcoholic employees and dependents.

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