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November 1976

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

Homelike Atmosphere - From the September 1973 Grapevine

Many of these items are contrary to AA philosophy. Their publication here does not mean that the Grapevine endorses or approves them; they are offered solely for your information.

This being a Classic Grapevine, we have gleaned some classic items from past pages of our "About Alcoholism" section. The next time a report on controlled drinking or a promise of an easier, softer way hits the fan, remember some of these.

In Alameda County, Calif., the Health Care Services Agency plans to use a tavern--"minus its usual alcoholic beverages"--as a unique reception and screening center for chronic inebriates in downtown Oakland. "Bartenders" will be trained medical personnel and counselors.

"Even though it will be an authentic alcoholism clinic," notes the California Alcoholism Review, "every effort will be made to retain the tavern's original atmosphere--including barstools, pool tables, and other fixtures--so that it might be more inviting to inebriates than a standard health facility." The proposed name: the New Hope Saloon.

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