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October 1976

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Two views on 'other problems'

Your article entitled "Pot" in the May issue really impressed me. I am an addict and alcoholic, now clean from all chemicals, including pot, for fourteen years. But I have a hard time convincing other AAs that pot is dangerous. Southern Oregon is an ideal place for pot smoking, because of the lenient laws, so this provides justification for anyone, including AAs, to use it.

What I am getting at is that the article will give me the push I need to say what I have to say and do what I have to do. Thank you for printing this type of article and for allowing me to take a small inventory with you.

A prominent businesswoman in our group just committed suicide by putting a gun to her head. She had eighteen months without a drink, but was popping pills regularly. There was very little mention of drugs being dangerous in our group until last night, when we heard of her death. Many of us felt very guilty about our silence on the drug problem.

AA is not a haven for drug addicts and should not be used as a substitute for Narcotics Anonymous. But we should feel free to mention this problem in meetings and to guide people in the right direction--to NA meetings or, if NA is not available, at least to some person in the group with a dual problem. It seems now that any group with a half-dozen members or more will have at least one recovered dual-problem AA member. After all, we are in the business of saving lives.