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November 1984

PO Box 1980

CB Channel 12 calling

Since our involvement with AA, when my wife and I travel, we use the AA directories in planning our trips.

I always felt like an outsider wherever I was, until I found AA. It is amazing how towns, cities, and the world seemed smaller and friendlier once I found the Fellowship. As we drive the highways and city streets and see the many different bumper stickers AA people use, there is always a good feeling that warms the heart and lets us know we are not alone anymore, wherever we are.

We recently decided to become wanderers for a time, and AA has given us the freedom and daily gives us the strength and support to live life and share in the lives of others. In previous travels, we have gone across the U.S. and Canada and part of Mexico and have always found a warm welcome and beautiful fellowship, after a phone call or a visit to the local police station.

For our current journey, we have had a sign painted on the spare-tire cover of our motor home with the AA triangle-in-a-circle, "Easy Does It" below the circle, and "CB Channel 12" in the triangle. It is fun and exciting whenever anyone calls us, but with non-AAs who don't know the meaning of the symbols, the bond can never exist that does among AA folks.

We hope to share with many AAs throughout the country in meetings and on the road.

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