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August 1988

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Responses to C. C.

I felt compelled to write after reading the letter from C. C. of Kent, Ohio in the May 1988 Grapevine. She is not planning to return to AA meetings for one year after a slip because of her certainty, based on meetings she has observed for almost three years, that she will be "verbally harangued" by other members.

I was first overcome by a deep sense of gratitude for the nature of the AA group to which I belong and for the other meetings I attend as a supporting member. I have many times had the opportunity to witness members returning after slips of all sorts and durations. They have all been welcomed back, no questions asked, in a spirit of love, concern, and gratitude. Often the returning members are praised by the group, as we see that returning and admitting the slip is difficult to do takes true courage.

I do have a suggestion for C. C. It is my opinion that the best solution to her immediate problem is to find some other AA meetings to attend. This might involve a little travel but could well prove worth the effort.

And remember, C. C., if all else fails, you can find some other alcoholics and start your own AA group. The world can always use another AA meeting.

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