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November 1988

PO Box 1980

Getting active

Right now I am the first DCM (district committee member) to ever head my district and there is definitely an uphill battle to be had here. But you know, I can see just far enough to realize that success here will have far reaching consequences. Good, healthy structures erected now will be in place long after I am gone, just as AA as a whole has flourished long after Bill and Dr. Bob were laid to rest.

The second step seems to be encouraging the groups to take the election of GSRs seriously and to make a big deal of it with multiple nominations and to get them to underwrite the GSRs' legitimate expenses (mileage and postage and the cost of attending selected conferences).

And the third step is to get the GSRs sufficiently organized to vote me out of office, elect six to ten new DCMs and get the size of these districts down to what a single person can handle.

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