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October 1988

PO Box 1980


I would like to comment on the June PO Box 1980 article "Instruments" in which M. E. refutes the necessity of "court slips." After 25 years of drinking and knowing that I was an alcoholic, I still felt that "I" could or should be able to "control" my drinking. If I had not been "mandated" to attend AA meetings I would still be drinking and feeling miserable about myself. Although I accepted I was alcoholic, I denied I was powerless over alcohol. It took several "recommendations" before I sought help, however it took being "mandated" by the help I sought for me to attend my first. AA meeting. As far as "How It Works": "If you have decided. . ."? I could not decide if I wanted what they had without going to an AA meeting to find out just what it is they do have--sobriety.


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