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October 1994

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Opinions Anonymous?

Responses from young readers on the topic of singleness of purpose

I'm young in sobriety and not exactly old in age, and I felt compelled to write about a recent situation that happened to me.

One of the opportunities for AA service work in my area is taking a meeting into a girl's detention center. One week, as usual, one of the girls volunteered to read the Steps out loud before the meeting. In the process, she added the words "or her" wherever God was referred to as him. This bothered me but I didn't say anything at the time.

The following week I asked that the Steps be read as they were written, without any added words. All went fine until one of the girls asked why I had made that request. I tried to explain that everyone in AA is perfectly free to have their own concept of God, whatever works for them, but by adding words to the Steps a person could easily get the idea that we were trying to define God.

Of course each girl had her own opinion on this and some shared it. Before I knew it our AA meeting had turned into a wide-ranging discussion about different concepts of God. This didn't last too long until the woman who brought the meeting in with me said we were all there for an AA meeting but could continue to discuss this after the meeting if anyone was interested.

This was a perfect example to me that our primary purpose must remain alcoholism. This is what binds us together.

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