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September 1994

From the Editors

To all you sharp-eyed readers out there who were surprised by our answer to the "Vine Line" question in the June issue about the origin of the slogans, we're glad you were on the ball. We said that the five slogans were "originally published on the inside back cover of five issues of the Grapevine (September to December 1956 and February of 1957)." What we meant was that they were originally published by the Grapevine on those dates. We neglected to indicate, as you all pointed out, that three of the slogans (First Things First, Live and Let Live, and Easy Does It) first appeared in the pre-publication multilith copy of the Big Book, which was published in 1939, and have appeared in the Big Book ever since, at the end of the chapter "The Family Afterward." Sorry about the confusion, and we're glad to have this opportunity to clear things up!


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