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September 1994

Principles Before Personalities

I have just decided to accept the nomination for general service representative of my group. I've been a GSR before but had to give it up. Keeping commitments is important to my sobriety and I've always felt bad about being unable to keep that one. For this reason, I knew I wanted to someday serve as GSR again.

However, lately I've had a problem placing principles before personalities. I've been very critical of certain fellow AAs serving at the district level, vowing not to get active at the district level while they were there. Whether or not my criticism is justified, the truth of the matter is that the district has been getting along just fine without me. But I could be getting along a lot better if I'd just get active.

I've been sitting around wanting to participate in service, but only on my own terms and conditions. I've really had to do a personal inventory on how well I am helping our primary purpose. After all, this is a program of action, and if I'm not part of the solution then I'm part of the problem.

There will always be people in the Fellowship with whom I don't see eye-to-eye, but that doesn't mean we can't work together. The Fellowship wouldn't be what it is today if we always saw eye-to-eye on everything.

My attitude about all this began to change recently after telling a fellow AA, whom I respect immensely, about my dilemma. All she said to me was, "Do it. It'll be good for your sobriety," How simple and how true!

So if my group does elect me GSR, I'll go to the district meeting and humbly sit next to, and work together with, the very people I've been criticizing, because my sobriety and our Fellowship is based on placing principles before personalities.

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