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February 2002

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AA in prison

I am fifty years old and have four children. I've been in prison for over five years and I have five to ten more to do. My father was in prison, and so was my son.

I started going to AA meetings twenty months ago. I am grateful to the men who come here to make our meetings possible, even on Christmas. Without the Step workshops and Steps Four and Five, I was doomed. Now I carry the prayers on page 63 and the message about acceptance on page 449, [page 417 in the Fourth Edition] with me as I walk my prison life. AA has given me hope and sanity.

I know the love that service work gives to those who carry the message. I do not think about my past, and I do not plan my future. I leave that to my Higher Power and let him help me get through each day sober. As a by-product of these actions, I am happy and successful in a place where I never thought that would be possible.

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