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February 2004

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It was great to read through your November 2003 Classic Issue. I appreciate the sense of history the old articles evoke and the introduction this issue provides for many current-day readers to some of the critical figures in the early development of AA. Nevertheless, in the spirit of accuracy, there was an error on page 43 in the material about Dr. E.M. Jellinek and his questionnaire on alcoholism that I would like to clarify. While Dr. Jellinek was certainly instrumental in helping to get the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism started, Marty M. was the organization's founder and guiding light. Begun shortly after Marty and the other "ink-stained wretches" got the AA Grapevine off the ground, it is currently called the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), not the National Council of Alcoholism and Addiction.


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