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February 2004

Tricked into Service

She hoped she'd be able to help out every once in a while

Eight years ago I married my hero and moved to a small town about thirty miles outside my hometown. I was six years sober and very happy. I felt life was good and most of the Promises were coming true in my life. I loved AA and working with the women I had been working with. My home group had been the same from day one of my sobriety and that was just fine with me. No matter that I had to drive thirty miles to a meeting, and I was used to at least one meeting a day before I got married. The small town I had moved to had only one meeting a week and it was so small I didn't feel comfortable in it, so I continued to drive to town for my meetings. You can guess how long that lasted. Being a newlywed with a home and a husband to care for meant I couldn't find as much time as I had had before, and after all, it was so far.


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