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April 2006

Po Box 1980

Still waters

As a young boy in West Virginia, it was my job to tend the family still. I chopped wood, mixed corn mash, drained the tap into jugs, and cleaned out the used sour mash. During the week, I fed the used sour mash to the pigs--who were my friends--until weekend cleanup time came and no mash was available to them. The pigs, I think, needed AA--they were always very angry with me on the weekends.

During my school years, I was a supplier. Everyone at school came to me for a jug. Even the schoolteachers were my customers--alcohol wasn't legal to sell in our state.

Booze, drinking, and getting drunk were my life until I found out my body was infected with cancer. After chemotherapy and radiation, my alcohol intake increased. I was close to death. One day, I was driving drunk and crashed. My doctor advised me to go to AA for help.

Being full of booze all the time, it was hard to go to my first AA meeting. Drinking was a very big part of my life, until I found out from AA that it was actually a part of my death. The members of AA gave me full time support and brought me back to life. I am seventy-one years old and sober.