July 2011

One Night at the Bar

A part-time job in a bar turned out to be the beginning of years of relapsing

I was driving around trying to find something to keep me from drinking that night when I noticed Gus, a fellow I worked with, walking along the sidewalk. Somehow I had heard that Gus didn't drink and went to AA. I offered him a ride and asked what he was doing that night. He told me he was going to an AA meeting and asked if I would like to go. I remember wondering why I'd want to go to an AA meeting, so I suggested taking in a movie or something instead, which he declined. As we drove on, thinking of my father's drinking problem, I said, "Maybe I could go and find some answers for my dad." I had no idea what I was asking for given that I had no real desire to stop drinking nor had I asked for help for myself. I just didn't want to drink that night.


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