June 2014

You've Always Been a Friend

When I first came to AA, I couldn’t understand what was meant by “incomprehensible demoralization” in the Big Book. I didn’t know if I had a physical
allergy, a spiritual malady or was just an outright mental defective. But the stories in Grapevine helped me to understand that I wasn’t unique or alone. Thanks for all the good days you helped me have. Reading a story before work in the morning helped me get on the right page. And thanks for helping me graduate college! If I didn’t have you tucked away in my bag to run and read in the bathroom stall when I was scared to death before class, I don’t know what I would have done. It made my day when my mom got me everything on my Christmas list—including a $28 money order and a stamped envelope to send in for a subscription.


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