October 2014

Mission: Tradition

One member's quest to find out more about how our Fellowship lives and grows

I left my home group tonight feeling sad. We spent much of the meeting discussing a topic lead that quickly crossed the line in Tradition Ten: “Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues …” The discussion started to unravel right away with the first share from a member with many years of sobriety who mentioned a radio interview of a politician proposing changes in our state’s drunk driving law. Next, a member with 11 months shared about how jail policies and rehabs should be changed. Soon others were sharing their ideas on how funding should be found for more alcohol education, about the ways gas stations display and sell alcohol, and the pros and cons of ignition interlocks. Someone then mentioned the states that are legalizing marijuana. I felt uncomfortable during the meeting, yet didn’t share about my knowledge of the Tradition.


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