Doing Our part
May 2015

Doing Our Part

Many members think of CPC work as handing out literature at professional associations or presenting informational panels in professional training programs—something that only special service committees should handle. But as AA members, it's up to all of us to share a message of hope with those who still suffer. Often that means reaching out and cooperating with professionals at the group and individual levels.

When we began our two-year rotation, our CPC committee in Area 10 (Colorado) wanted to inspire and encourage our groups to take cooperation with professionals seriously as part of how they give back to AA. So we created a bookmark-sized handout (fondly called the "6 and 6" in our area) outlining ways that groups and individual AA members could work Step Twelve by cooperating with professionals.

On one side, it reads:

Six Easy Ways to Cooperate with Professionals

1. Bring your employer or human resources office a Big Book, pamphlets and a meeting schedule. Offer to be a resource to fellow workers with a drinking problem.

2. Bring pamphlets, used copies of Grapevine, and/or a Big Book to your doctor's office, dentist, minister, lawyer or therapist. Worried about anonymity? Bring them to someone else's doctor, dentist, lawyer or minister.

3. Invite a professional to join you at an open AA meeting. Take them to coffee afterward to answer their questions.

4. Host an informational breakfast, lunch or dinner for professionals where you share the AA pitch.

5. Write up your success stories and send them to us.

6. Encourage your group members and sponsees to do the same!

And on the other side, it reads:

Six Principles of CPC Success

1. Be friendly with our friends: form relationships, not just contacts, with professionals.

2. Cooperate, never criticize; to be helpful is our only aim.

3. Read the pamphlets "How AA Members Cooperate with Professionals" and/or "Speaking at Non-AA Meetings."

4. Practice Tradition Eleven—maintain personal anonymity at the public level.

5. Get your group involved. Get a group CPC rep to help coordinate and cultivate relationships with professionals.

6. Unsure how to proceed? Contact us. We are happy to help you and your group get started!

Over the course of our rotation, we've handed out these bookmarks at area and district events, as well as at our groups. It's remarkable what a little encouragement can do.


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