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March 2016 | Special Section

Fresh Start

This morning, as all mornings, I started the day by making my bed. It's my way of saying, "Thank you God for another day and a new day with sober thoughts." Hallelujah.

God was in my life even before I knew I needed him. Or before I knew there even was God. By his amazing grace, I attended my first AA meeting in 1947 in the little town of Fairfield, Vermont with my father. At that time and in that town, as I remember, our whole family went to meetings. I was only 6. They would play a record on a windup victrola, then have a discussion. We were there for my father, but he never stayed sober for long. As it turned out, we were there for me.

I was never going to be like my father. I was not going to drink. But one night in 1957, I took my first drink anyway. I remember that fireworks went off. I felt I could fit in, I could dance, I could talk. All my fears went away.

Then came blackouts, fights and trouble with the police. Over time I also got all my fears back plus, and I did not belong anywhere anymore. Everything booze promised me that night, it took away many times over. I took my last drink, by God's grace, in 1967, February 4 to be exact. Hallelujah.

To those of you who might be new or relatively new, it has not been easy to turn a self-centered, egotistical, immature man needing a drink to survive, into one who praises God for everything and let's him run his life.

I will also tell you this: Pray that getting sober is hard, because the harder it was for me—as I continued to not drink—the more valuable my sobriety became and the more dependent I became on a power greater than myself.

—Nick M., Zephyrhills, Fla.

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