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My Journey in General Service

A lot changed in her life when she got sober, but there was one constant: general service

I remember when I had about a year and a half sober, I was sitting in my home group business meeting and everyone was talking about electing an alternate general service representative (G.S.R.).  I had no idea what a G.S.R. was or what their responsibilities were, but I wanted to belong.  So I raised my hand to be elected.  Someone yelled: “She can’t do it.  She doesn’t have two years!”  Then the group secretary said we could waive the two-year suggested guideline.  There was a resounding yes from the group and I was voted in.  At the time I thought, “Wow! They really want me!”  I didn’t realize nobody else wanted to do it.  About two weeks later, the G.S.R. for the group resigned and I was the new G.S.R.


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