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Rehab For the Holidays

Getting and staying sober through the holiday season made her realize how grateful she really was

My name is Andrea and my sobriety date is November 22, 2017, which just happens to be my deceased mother’s birthday. I did not plan this, but I do see it as a wink from God. The holidays of 2017 were spent finally receiving the help I had cried internally for all those years of drinking. I spent Thanksgiving in a detox, where I showed up as a shell of a woman, a dead woman walking. Most of my stay was a blur due to the lithium. I was not able to stay awake even though I tried with all my might, but listening to those around me, I was able to grasp the notion that I was finally on the verge of freedom. Upon my release I was rushed to an emergency surgery—my drinking had given me an infected gall bladder, which had to be removed. Even then, I sensed that God had a plan. The hospital staff was so kind and genuine, they knew I had a addiction, but did not judge me.  This clearly wasn't my vision of what I would be doing for the holidays, but I had no regrets. 


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