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What Goes Around Comes Around

It took more than 20 years—and all Three Legacies—for him to become the AA member and man he’d envisioned

I was a late bloomer to service in sobriety. I got sober in the group that is still my home group in 1989 when I was 24 and have been continuously sober since that time. I had been a daily drunk since I was 18. I had picked up a fifth DWI, had flunked out of college for the third time, lost my job in a liquor store (you can guess what happened there), was no longer employable, and my mother and one cousin were the only family members who were still in contact with me. Friends and romantic partners had become things of the past. I had become a reclusive drinker hiding in my apartment all day except when I made my daily trip to the liquor store for what I had to have to tolerate one more day. 


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