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God’s in the Cooler

After a deadly accident, he finds God in an unlikely place

I was physically, mentally, and spiritually bankrupt when I walked through the doors of AA the first time. I didn’t think I was God, but for a long time I thought that I was a god. It was a little over two months since I had been the driver in a one-car accident that took the life of one of my best friends. I was finally at rock bottom. I couldn’t dig the hole I was living in any deeper. I had five broken vertebrates in my neck and I looked and felt like Frankenstein. I was spitting on my mirror daily because I hated the man I had become. I would stare at my cell phone and wonder why no one would call me. I wouldn’t answer it when it did ring and wondered why they would want to call me. I cried constantly and asked: “Why me?” all of the time. Everyone I knew drove drunk. I couldn’t figure out why a good person like me had to be the one to get into a fatal accident. I knew that I really needed help and God led me to AA. 


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