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AAWS releases a new video for young people

AA World Services, Inc. has recently released the new Conference-approved video for young people, called “Young & Sober in A.A.: From Drinking to Recovery.” The anonymity-protected video was created by young sober alcoholics with the message that it’s never too early to seek help for a drinking problem.

AA estimates that 10 percent of its members are under the age of 30. The video helps dispel the myth that some drinkers may be “too young” to have experienced the devastating effects of alcoholism. No matter what your age, no matter what your gender, or background, if you are drinking too much, AA offers a solution. Within AA are vibrant communities of young people who have discovered sober and fulfilling lives and a daily reprieve from alcoholism.

The video features young voices sharing about sobriety...

“I started drinking when I was 12. I couldn’t stop when I started. And when I was controlling it I was miserable.”

“Five months after I graduated from high school...that’s when I got introduced to the program of AA.”

“When I got willing...the obsession to drink was gone. I realized that there’s something in these rooms that’s changing my life.”

To see the video, go to aa.org and click on “Videos and Audios.” For more information, contact the Public Information Desk at the General Service Office at publicinfo@aa.org or call (212) 870-3119.

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