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April 2020 | Home Group

Come join us

We held our first AA picnic at a ranch 15 miles out of town. We marked the way there with signs of camels.
The camels meant a “dry” picnic.

Even though I’m the only member remaining from when we first started our Friday night meetings here in White Sulphur Springs, I do really love my home group.

It began with me in 1978, sitting alone with a Big Book. Then, one person joined me. After a time, two more. Eventually, we had a dozen or so. That was a fine number for a small town. The family of one of the men in the group then started Al-Anon and Alateen groups, which flourished for several years. Although over the many years, our numbers have dwindled to four or five members, we sometimes have visitors from other towns both near and far away. We “keep the lights on” here.

I have wonderful memories of those early days. We held our first AA picnic at a ranch 15 miles out of town. We marked the way there with several roadside signs of camels. All AAs then knew the camels meant a “dry” picnic, but we had one curious traveler who followed them all the way and just had to find out what in the world these camels were doing in Montana. We gleefully explained, but he didn’t seem to get the humor. We invited him to join us, but he declined.

Another wonderful memory is of the time we took our meeting out to a sheep camp for one of our members who couldn’t get to town. One guy picked up a bucket of chicken, some brought other goodies. Imagine his surprise and delight when this caravan came weaving through the sagebrush and he recognized his AA friends! We sat around his campfire and had a great meeting under the stars.

 Another memorable night was when we invited the pastor of the church where we met to sit in on our meeting. He listened to all as we shared and when he was asked if he’d like to comment, he said briefly, “I wish I could hear such honesty from members of my congregation.” A high compliment, we thought.

These are only some of the interesting stories of the White Sulphur Springs AA Group, which I am so happy to share with Grapevine readers.

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