Letter from the Editor
April 2020 | Home Group

Letter from the Editor

One of the most important connections a suffering alcoholic can make is with a warm and loving room of recovering alcoholics. It’s there we can begin to understand our problem and hopefully grab on to the miracle of sobriety, get a sponsor and join our remarkable Fellowship. This month’s special section features stories by members which illustrate the love and gratitude they have for their home groups.

In the story “With Lots of Love” a man in Virginia expresses gratitude for the members of his home group who helped him get involved with service, even as he was losing his sight. A woman in New York, who went to “any lengths” in a blizzard, shares how her home group became a wonderful haven for others in “Glad You Made It.” In the story “Finally Home” a transgender member expresses gratitude for her home group, that loves her no matter what.  And from a maximum-security prison, a member shares about how lucky he is that his home group there is such a rewarding place to grow and help others in “The Sweet Smell of Coffee.”

Grapevine and La Viña are wonderful Twelfth Step tools to help reach alcoholics, whether in detoxes, rehabs, jails—or even right in our own home groups. Check out our 2020 “Carry the Message” initiative. It’s a great way to get gift subscriptions into the hands of an alcoholic in need. Get your groups, districts and areas involved! For more info, see page 7.

Have you seen our beautiful new website? It’s easier to use and has many new features. Take a look at aagrapevine.org. And as always, please send us your stories, artwork, jokes and cartoons at aagrapevine.org/share. We’d love to hear from you. Have a great April everyone!

In fellowship,
The Editor

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