January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings

Letter from the Editor

One of the most common struggles we alcoholics have when arriving at the doors of AA, tired and broken, is the suggestion that we pray or find a Higher Power. If we stick around meetings long enough, we will see that there are myriad ways to do this. This month’s special section features stories by members about their various journeys with spirituality, belief and prayer. In the story “Coming to Believe” a long-time member in New Jersey has an unexpected shift in how he thinks about Step Two, even after many years of sitting in AA meetings. A woman in New Mexico loans her Higher Power to her struggling newcomer friend and gets a nice surprise in “Borrow Mine.” In the story “Refusing to Pray,” a member with 27 years sober hits a rough patch with her Higher Power, then picks up a pen and finds a way to keep talking.  And in “Son of a Rocket Scientist,” an AA from Colorado shares about his analytical mind and his need to see evidence of a Higher Power at work. 


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