An Easier Softer Cake
June 2020 | The Annual Prison Issue

An Easier Softer Cake

With just the right ingredients, one member’s recipe for sobriety cooked up a life-saving meal


1 gawky, insecure teenage girl

1 night in jail

1 handsome young man

1 recovering son

8 years of bliss

6 years of promotions

7 years of boredom

1 large period of depression

2 large measures of freedom

1 small decision to change

Enough booze to numb your feelings (to taste)

12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous


Mix teenage girl and handsome young man to make a little baby and form all into a family. Bake in 8 years of bliss and let cool for 7 years. Break family apart: painful but necessary. Add one large measure of freedom and a desire to live life the easier, softer way.


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