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March 2020 | Puzzled

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Gaining emotional sobriety

The writer of “A Better Fit” learned the hard way (ouch!) about the value of being open-minded. And now, 30 years later, he still remembers the lesson he learned. 

Over time, these lessons we get to learn in AA through meetings and Steps and sponsorship add up, and we begin to deal with life differently; we get better at navigating situations and relationships. 

Do you feel like you’ve gained some emotional sobriety? How do you handle life and its challenges better now because of the things you’ve learned in AA? How have the Steps, service or sponsorship helped you? If you’re new to AA, can you already see some changes? 

You may use this topic in a discussion meeting, or send us your own story about the ways you’ve gained some emotional sobriety since you’ve been in AA at

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